FaceHub:AI face swap video

FaceHub:AI face swap video

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FaceHub:AI face swap video FaceHub:AI face swap video FaceHub:AI face swap video FaceHub:AI face swap video FaceHub:AI face swap video FaceHub:AI face swap video FaceHub:AI face swap video

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February 24, 2024
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FaceHub - Powerful face swapping video editor app, AI-powered face morph video maker.
Bored of posting and sharing the same old selfie photos and videos? Here's a refreshing way to create funny and outstanding selfies, and easy to share on Instagram and other social media! FaceHub, developed on AI powered face swapping tech, is perfect for you to edit face-changing videos.

Using FaceHub, it's easy to...

Create distinctive cartoon avatars. We have a variety of magical cartoon effects to make you become an anime self;

Feel free to edit your facial attributes, including gender and age. Make you feel like you're going back to the past or into the future; see a different self!

With FaceHub, it's easy to...
Be a Superhero
Have you ever dreamed of being a character in a classic movie or TV show? You can see your own face in those videos now! By morphing your face to the movie or show clips, FaceHub helps you to
- See yourself in a superhero outfit and in the most famous scenes
- Act like a movie star, and be as gorgeous as they are
- Make funny videos by pasting your face on a celebrity

Instantly Swap Face
Take a simple selfie and get ready to swap face! FaceHub helps you make your own trendy short video anytime & anywhere, with only 3 steps:
- Snap a selfie: turn on the camera and capture your face in the frame
- Pick a template: choose your favorite one from our massive video templates – classic movie clips, trendy short videos, funny videos…
- Click NEXT button
Your magic face swap video will soon show up! Now you can save it to your device.
Boost Your Likes
If you would like to boost your likes on social media, or to amaze your friends, just share it to your friends via Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc., with one click!
Explore More in FaceHub
Besides the classic movie clips and short videos, newest and trendiest video templates are updated every week! Explore and make your own aesthetic or funny videos as you wish!

Please note, we DO NOT record any of your facial or bio information. The selfie you take in FaceHub is only used in the video making process, which all takes place on your own device.

FaceHub · Main Features
Cartoon special effects

Through our AI technology, choosing a simple portrait image can turn you into a magical cartoon world, making you the focus of social media at any time.

Gender change

With our portrait AI feature and a simple selfie, you can change your gender at any time and see a different version of yourself!
Precise morphing
With our AI face swapping tech, it's easy to precisely map your face onto your chosen video, no matter if the figure in your video is singing, dancing, shouting, or crying.
Custom videos
Select any photo and video (with face in them, of course), and FaceHub AI will automatically analyze them and do the face swapping procedure
Easy to use
Only three steps are needed to create a perfect face swap video: select your face photo, choose your favorite video clip, then just click and see magic in FaceHub!
Trendy templates
No need to worry if you don't have any finished videos. Apart from your customized videos, there are also well-selected trendy template videos in FaceHub to choose from.

Furthermore, you are more than welcomed to tell us the video templates you want in comments or via email!
In this reface app FaceHub, swap face to a movie character, celebrity, influencing video, funny video… All you need to do is to snap a selfie and have fun!
Privacy Policy: https://sc-res.facehubapp.com/aboutus/src/facehub.policy.html
Terms and Conditions: https://sc-res.facehubapp.com/aboutus/src/facehub.service.html
Contact us:[email protected]

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