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SpaceStationAR LITE

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SpaceStationAR LITE SpaceStationAR LITE SpaceStationAR LITE SpaceStationAR LITE SpaceStationAR LITE

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June 19, 2024
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SpaceStationAR is an augmented reality (AR) application that simulates the visibility of satellites in the night sky. With SpaceStationAR, you can easily spot the brilliant International Space Station, spectacular Starlink Trains, and various satellites at the forefront of space exploration with your own eyes.
As your iPhone or iPad camera captures the scenery around you, SpaceStationAR overlays passes of the International Space Station, the Starlink Train (a group of Starlink satellites), and the Chinese Space Station onto the actual scenery. You can also use the app to find bright stars, galaxies, spacecrafts like Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, and even see the direction of major cities beyond the ground. SpaceStationAR also indicates the positions of geostationary satellites, making it a valuable tool for antenna installation.

You can easily access satellite orbits on maps in addition to the AR views.
The "Calendar" tab displays events like upcoming satellite passes and rocket launches within the next two weeks. You can choose a pass from the list and simulate it in AR.

Apple Watch app and "Today" widget are also available. They show simple lists of satellites' passes.

LITE version has some restrictions. AR prediction stops 30 minutes before the passes. Full version without Ads and with the sky chat view is available on the store.

List of Features

* AR simulation of satellite passes overlaid on real landscapes
* Display of stars, galaxies, black holes, planetary probes, satellites, and world cities in AR (Visibility can be customized by type)
* Visualization of satellite passes on maps
* Presentation of satellite orbits and current locations on a global map
* Calendar listing satellite passes within the next two weeks
* Support for newly launched satellites
* Offline app usage
* Satellite pass notifications: Set notification times from 15 minutes to 6 hours before the event for accurate alerts. (Please allow background location updates for precise notifications. Disabling this feature may lead to inaccurate notifications when traveling long distances with the app closed.)

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