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Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator

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Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator Vector Ink: SVG, Illustrator

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July 08, 2024
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Looking for the #1 vector graphic design app for Android? Look no further.
Vector Ink will make your whole vector graphic design process much easier.
Vector Ink is great for graphic design, logo design, drawing, character design, vector tracing, designing business cards, flyers, posters, you name it!
Vector Ink offers smart vector graphic design tools that break the limits of creativity, allowing everyone to turn their creative ideas into a reality. 

Draw with stabilizers to guide your freehand strokes. The Draw Tool will automatically join to the nearest open path, so you can lift your stylus and continue drawing without having to manually merge your lines.

Don't have a stylus? Vector Ink comes with built-in virtual stylus technology, so you can draw with your finger and see what you're doing without the need of a physical stylus.

Using Vector Ink, a logo designer can import a paper drawing or sketchbook art into Vector Ink, trace the logo sketch using the Vector Ink Path Builder Tool, and export a professional, geometrically precise vector logo.

Creating art in vector graphic design software should be easy but in most cases it is not. A lot of times you are wrestling with a pen tool for hours in order to get the right design you want, or taking shortcuts to give the appearance of a perfect shape. Well those days are behind us now. Vector Ink offers a smart Path Builder Tool that will merge and build the shape you want the way you want with perfect precision and little design effort.
Bring your shapes to life with our color tools. Vector Ink offers linear and radial gradient options along with multiple color picker types and an advanced color palette editor so you can generate, manage, and save your own color palettes for later use.

Built-in Digital Stylus
Draw Tool
Path Builder Tool
Distribute Tool
Pen Tool
Gradient Tool
Corner Tool
Ribbon Tool
Rectangle Tool
Circle Tool
Star Tool
Polygon Tool
Path controls
Boolean controls
Cut and join paths
Stroke sizes and stroke caps
Convert stroke to path
Outline Text (text to path)
Import Custom Fonts
PNG & JPG Import & Export
SVG Import & Export
Export Selection as SVG

Features in-depth:
Path Builder Tool
Merge multiple shapes into one.
Merge a single shape into another.
Trace over an imported illustration or logo grid with geometric precision.
Create complex shapes (that would typically take several minutes) within seconds.
Draw Tool
Freehand drawing with smart guides to stabilize strokes.
Auto connects to other strokes so you can freely lift your pen then resume drawing on the same path.
First-ever built-in Digital Stylus makes designing on touch screen devices easier by allowing you to see where you're drawing and helps accomplish tasks in tight spaces on the canvas.
Distribute Tool
Distribute copies of a shapes left-to-right or top-to-bottom.
Distribute copies of a shape around a point or around another shape.
Distribute copies of a shape left-to-right and top-to-bottom in a grid layout.
Gradient Tool & Color Picker
Multiple color pickers to choose from (wheel, RGB, HSB, hex pad, and palette picker)
Linear and radial gradient styles
Add and delete gradient stops
Color Palettes
A gorgeous library of color palettes so no matter what you design the color combination will always look legit.
Color palette generator so you never run out of color palette options.
Add an infinite number of colors to a palette and we'll automatically generate colors that compliment your palette.
Save your color palette to use in other projects.
Add and delete Layers
Group objects
Re-order layers, shapes, and groups
Overral Document
Control the width and height of the Document
Change the Document background color
Import PNG, JPG, and SVG
Export PNG, JPG, and SVG
Export any size
Export a PNG with a transparent Art board
Export any selected shapes as an individual SVG

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